Online Resources

  • Nrich has a range of online resources to support knowledge development and problem-solving skills.
  • MathsBlog uploads regular worksheets suitable for reception to Year 6.
  • Mathsphere has a selection of printable games including bingo and calculator challenges.
  • BBC shares numerous activities and quizzes.
  • Primary Resources is a forum for sharing teaching and learning resources.
  • Woodlands Junior School uploads interactive mental maths activities.

There are numerous online activities ideal for use in sessions when you have access to computers:

  • Channel 4  for animated number games
  • MoshiMonstersplay number games against young people from all over the world!
  • BBC games and resources for primary and secondary pupils.
  • CoolMath4kids has a variety of games including an enterprise challenge, ‘Coffee Shop’ game.
  • MathsIsFun puzzles and games
  • PrimaryGames online arithmetic based games.

Please contact us if you find any other useful resources online and we will share them here!