Number Partners Primary Maths Games Box

grouped games

Supplied by The Maths Zone, this varied box of 12 games is the most popular for use in Number Partners sessions offering a range of board games, card games and puzzles for different abilities in primary school. The box is available for purchase by companies, schools or brokers at a discounted price of £180.

Download a crib sheet for the Number Partners games box to get an overview.

A games box version for Key Stage 3 (11-14 yrs) can be found here.

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BEAM Number Challenge Board Games

BEAM gamesProduced by Oxford University Press, this set of 12 livelyboard games is also very popular for Number Partners.  There are three grades of games for children of different ages/abilities. Each game supports a different key learning objective. The set can be purchased at a discount from supplier The Maths Zone for £210.

Download a crib sheet for the BEAM games to get an overview.


Free games and activities

Count on Us Maths Clubs

The Mayor’s Fund for London, funded by Lloyd’s Charities Trust, have worked closely with 26 primary schools in London to develop a best practice guide for schools interested in starting up their own maths clubs.

They have recently launched a website with fun, free downloadable activity packages that can be used in Number Partners sessions:

The Mayor’s Fund for London also have some funding available for London schools who need financial support with starting a club. Schools can apply for a kick-start grant of up to £600 to help launch their maths club here: – please note, the deadline for applications is 27th October, 2016.

You could also check out our list of online games and resources.

24® Game Sets

This mental maths card game is very easy to learn as there is only one rule: use 4 numbers with any operation (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to make 24. There are a wide range of sets to cater for increasing levels of difficulty:

24 can be used as a five minute starter to a session, for the entire 30 minutes, or as part of a tournament.

Finance games

The Maths Zone have designed their own set of games to support finance, business and enterprise skills for 11-14yr olds:

Easy Maths Skills 

To make maths more accessible through play, the versatile Begenio board game Race to Infinity has been invented by a long-term Number Partners volunteer.

Mathstraks Card Games

These simple card games are easy to play, fun, and educational. Themed around monsters and fairy tale characters, Mathstraks reinforce key numeracy skills and improve maths confidence through play.

HOO HA! Games

HOO HA! produce interactive and fun mathematical card games that support children in rapid recall of multiplication facts. Card packs are tailored to each age group, and are designed to meet curriculum objectives.