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Schools tend to select a member of staff, such as the Maths Lead or Deputy Head, to be the Number Partners Coordinator making sure everything runs smoothly. The job of the School Coordinator is to:

  1. Allocate time and space for sessions to take place for 30 minutes weekly (usually at lunchtime)
  2. Make sure games and resources are available
  3. Host an Induction Session for volunteers to introduce your school including health and safety and safeguarding procedures
  4. Inform volunteers about term dates and pupil absences
  5. Attend a review session with volunteers at the end of term or end of year.

Schools are encouraged to link with local organisations to enrich the learning experiences available to their students. Number Partners is a great starting point for building a relationship with a local employer, as well as supporting pupils to become more confident with numbers.

Benefits to young people include:

  • Improved number skills through games and discussion.
  • Meeting interested and committed adults who might provide new perspectives.
  • Encouraging an enjoyment of learning and positive attitude toward maths.
  • Developing self esteem, confidence, communication and social skills.
  • Understanding the significance of numeracy in the world of work and life outside of school.

Sounds interesting – what can I do next?

To register your interest, click on the link below. We’ll get in touch to link you with a local volunteer broker organisation delivering Number Partners or find a local business or university to get Number Partners started in your area.

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