Our Reach

Number Partners was set up in 2001 by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership in East London to complement the popular Reading Partners scheme. Number Partners saw such great success in Tower Hamlets that the programme was rolled out nationally in 2004 as National Number Partners. There are currently 445 Number Partners volunteers in 37 Tower Hamlets schools and around 360 Number Partners in 82 schools around the rest of the country, supporting pupils in numeracy.

In late 2015, we have launched a campaign to expand National Number Partners, engaging more volunteers in more areas to make a real difference to young people’s numeracy skills and confidence. Join us by getting in touch.

National Number Partners is currently active in these areas around the UK.* Click on the map for contact info and volunteer numbers.

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*If you are running Number Partners and aren’t featured on this map, contact us at numberpartners@thebp.co.uk.