Our Impact

Key Findings

  • 92% of teachers surveyed said that participation in Number Partners improved pupils’ chance of reaching their individual numeracy targets.
  • 96% of teachers surveyed said that participation in Number Partners improved pupils’ confidence and motivation.
  • Teachers perceived that attainment progress is linked to an increase in confidence and enthusiasm for maths amongst pupils, and greater perseverance in the face of challenges.
  • Teachers reported a host of benefits beyond enhanced numeracy skills and attainment including improved concentration, listening skills, verbal expression, motivation and aspirations after 6-9 sessions with a Number Partner.

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  • Teachers tend to target Number Partners at low and middle achievers to help improve their progress and attainment in maths, with a particular focus on children who are low in confidence or who do not have a supportive home environment.
  • 85% of teachers said that Number Partners positively impacted pupils’ aspirations, offering an insight into a world beyond the one the children are familiar with.
  • 82% of teachers said Number Partners positively impacted pupils’ understanding of the world of work.

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From the 2014 Education and Employers Taskforce survey of 28 teachers, teaching assistants, head teachers and maths coordinators at schools that currently participate in Number Partners.  See the full report here