News: May 2019

The Numeracy Challenge 2019

Thursday 4th April was an exciting day for the maths geniuses of Tower Hamlets and saw THEBP hold their annual Numeracy Challenge at the Man Group Investment offices. In preparation for this final, fifty teams of brilliant minds were given the critical mission of working as Number Detectives to help solve the whereabouts of five mystery items stolen from Man Group, discovering vital information with each new round of challenges throughout this exciting adventure. Competition was fierce and impressive, with ten teams out of the original fifty having made it to the final and becoming even closer to discovering the truth. After competing in a three hour-long maths challenge live at the final, the ‘Canberra Boy’s from Manorfield Primary School successfully completed their mission as the winners of the competition, followed by runners up ‘St Luke’s Superstars’ from St Luke’s Primary School  and  ‘÷ and Conquer’ from ‘Sir William Burrough School’. Well done detectives!


The Numeracy Challenge is part of the Numbers Partners programme, managed by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (THEBP). The scheme pairs volunteers from the business community with 7-11 year old pupils for half an hour per week to play fun maths games, whilst simultaneously bringing young people into contact with role models from the world of work.EBP190404-067 EBP190404-086 EBP190404-125 EBP190404-160 (1)