News: July 2016

July 2016 Volunteer of the Month in Tower Hamlets is a Number Partner

This month’s winner is…

Sabrina Law PhotoSabrina Law from the Financial Conduct Authority, who currently coordinates the Number Partners Scheme at Woolmore Primary School, attending the majority of the sessions within the school year. She has previously taken part in other schemes, facilitating mock interview workshops in East London. Additionally, as a student, Sabrina worked with children who had behavioural disorders, providing recreational activities and a programme to develop their ability to integrate with their peer groups.

About her volunteering on the Number Partners Scheme, Sabrina says: “I decided to volunteer as not only do I enjoy working with children but I had helped my younger sister with her maths in primary and secondary school and this stemmed my interest in teaching maths on a wider scale. When I heard about the scheme through an internal recruitment drive I instantly signed up and within a year was co-ordinating the scheme.”

Sabrina finds the scheme to be a very rewarding experience – not only is it nice to see the children improving in their maths and thoroughly enjoying the sessions, she says it also takes her away from the desk, enabling her to take part in something that she enjoys whilst also giving back to the Community.

She finds that the highlight of working with the children is their enthusiasm when entering the various competitions that THEBP have put on. The children worked very hard on their entries and their hard work paid off as for two years in a row Woolmore Primary Schools students have won the Number Partners Challenge and the Tower Hamlets Video Competition.

Sabrina says: “I am extremely proud of the children and witnessing them winning year on year shows that hard work truly pays off.”