News: September 2015

London Education Charity to Spearhead Numeracy Campaign in Schools Nationally

Our press release issued today

Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (EBP) addresses critical need to improve numeracy in the UK with expansion of its unique Number Partners scheme thanks to funding from Man Group

Independent charity Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (EBP) is to extend its highly successful Number Partners scheme, designed to improve pupils’ numeracy skills, to other regions in the UK.  Number Partners has been operating in Tower Hamlets and on a smaller scale in other regions such as Leicestershire and Bristol since 2004, supporting 7 to 14 year olds with attainment, confidence and motivation in numeracy.  It pairs volunteers from the business community with pupils for half an hour each week to play number games, enabling practice and consolidation of mental maths, whilst simultaneously providing aspirational role models from the world of work.

The impact of Number Partners is demonstrated by an evaluation carried out in 2014 by the Education and Employers Taskforce, which indicated that participation in the scheme improves pupils’ chances of reaching their individual numeracy targets and improves soft outcomes, such as concentration, listening skills, verbal expression, motivation and aspirations.

Cristina King, Maths Coordinator at St Luke’s Primary School in Tower Hamlets says: “The Number Partners programme has been extremely successful in our school. The dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers has helped to hugely improve the confidence and enjoyment of pupils in maths, as well as having a positive impact on their progress in this subject.”

Man Group, one of the world’s largest independent alternative investment managers and one of Tower Hamlets EBP’s key partners, has funded a dedicated full time National Number Partners project manager post at the charity.  Avantika Taneja will fulfill this role and deliver the national campaign.  She comments: “I am immensely excited to be involved in taking the Number Partners scheme to new areas.  Having developed and delivered school-based programmes throughout my career, I am fully committed to finding innovative ways to support children and young people to reach their full potential, as learners and as citizens. Numeracy plays a crucial role in this.”

Carol Ward, from Man Group, says: “According to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills research, highlighted by National Numeracy, around 4 in 5 adults in England have a low level of numeracy, classified as having below GCSE grade C level.  We know that there is a strong link between ability and confidence in maths and future career decisions, and thus future success in the world of work.  It’s really important that we invest in supporting numeracy in schools – today’s pupils are the workforce of tomorrow.”

Helen Sanson, Director of Tower Hamlets EBP, comments: “Having been working with students in Tower Hamlets for 25 years, we have a deep understanding of how to devise and deliver programmes that meet the needs of pupils and make a positive difference in their lives.  The expansion of Number Partners nationally reflects our ambition to enable new communities to benefit from our work and expertise, and it is a key element in bringing to life our vision of inspiring young people to learn more, do more and become more.”

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