News: March 2015

Unicornmaths Training

National Number Partners were lucky enough recently to be invited to a fantastic training session held by Sarah Wedderburn at Unicornmaths.

The day was packed full of tips, techniques and resources to make numbers come to life, with an emphasis on the psychology behind developing maths skills. There was a real focus on engaging an inspiring children who might struggle in maths, and plenty of great ideas perfect for volunteers to use during Number Partner sessions.

Sarah says “Unicornmaths believes that students who find maths difficult need to be taught using concrete resources that enable them to fully interact with their learning. This physical manipulation of resources, with the concurrent visual input and verbal explanation and encouragement of the teacher, enables pupils to fully understand and retain maths concepts. Our pupils then have to continually revisit and over-learn topics and we do this through focused games as this provides practice without stress. For pupils who are failing, having fun with maths is a vital part of enabling success.

Resources and games are downloadable from the Unicornmaths Website.