News: June 2014

Number Partners Challenge

In 2013 we ran the first ever Number Partner Challenge; four weeks of activities based on problem solving, mental maths, team work and logic for volunteers to work on with their partners. Each activity was adapted from those available on the nrich website, and designed to fit into a 30 minute Number Partner session.

The Challenge was a huge success, with over 40 schools taking part with the support of their weekly business volunteers, and was repeated in April 2014.

Each week, Number Partner teams completed the activities and once marked, the top scoring teams were invited to the Number Partner Challenge Grand Final, hosted at one of the organisations providing business volunteers. In 2013, the first prize was a visit to the University of Cambridge maths department, while in 2014 the winning teams took a trip to the University of Sussex to find out more about the opportunities open to young people after leaving school. Runners up received trophies, certificates, and board games, and everyone who took part had lots of fun.

We hope that the challenge will be an annual event in April – but if you’d like to run the competition in your school or area using past activities then take a look at our guide on the resources page. You can also find sample activities adapted from NRICH.

Read more about the Grand Final of the 2013 Challenge.